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Courgette Pickle
Courgette Farciti
Courgette flowers stuffed with chicken
Courgette Soup Zucchini Bread
Squash Pie



Zucchini Farciti
Courgettes stuffed with spinach and cream cheese and grilled

__________________________________________________________________ If the courgettes are small, and therefore difficult to stuff, it is better to cook them in butter and and a little water and then slit them ready for the stuffing.

Allow four for each person as a beginning or six as a main-course lunch dish.



Courgettes (4-6 per person)
3 demi-sel cheeses
1lb prepared spinach or 1 pkt frozen leaf spinach
1 whole egg
salt, pepper & nutmeg


1. If larger than 6 inches, trim off stems and 'core' them carefully with an apple corer.
2. Soften cheeses in a bowl near the stove
3. Cook, prepared spinach for a few minutes. Refresh under cold wateer, squeeze, dry and chop.
4. Mix all the above ingredients together and stuff the courgettes. (If cored, force the mixture in with a piping bag or small spoon).
5. The small cooked courgettes, (also stuffed) have their cooking liquor poured over them; sprinkle them with grated Parmesan cheese and brown under the grill.
6. The large courgettes, cored, and stuffed are laid in a dish with a little water, butter and seasoning and backed in a moderate oven. When cooked, sprinkle with grated Parmesan and finish under the grill.

With thanks to the Lottery Awards for All Funds